Sunday, February 19, 2012

Action 053 - Let Them.

When faced with a problem, I generally don't talk to people about it. After it's sorted and resolved, sure, but usually not while I'm fighting my way through it. What an idiotic way to deal with things. It only makes whatever I'm going through that much worse. What's the point of having amazing friends if I don't trust them to lend an ear or a shoulder?

Action 053 - Let Them. Friends want to help when I'm in trouble. I need to let them. And even if friends can't solve my problem, they still want to talk through it all and be there for me. I need to let them. They may step on their words and not have all the answers and ultimately, not be able to do anything except listen patiently and tell me that I'll get through it all. I need to let them.

At the end of the day, my friends are the constant that keep me going. They are the balance to the negative things going on. And they are my reality-check, reminding me that I am an amazing person surrounded by rock stars who want to be there for me. I need to let them.

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