Monday, February 13, 2012

Action 023 - Be Bold.

I'm five days and (now) twenty-three Actions into this project. So far, though, I have not really promoted it. I haven't really talked about it. I've just posted my Actions as they came to my head and let the link post to Facebook. And while I haven't exactly been hiding, I have not talked about this directly with people. Believe it or not, my own husband hasn't even seen it. (You can tell he isn't on Facebook that often, can't you?)

So here it is, Action 023 - Be Bold. I'm going to post a link to this project on my SparkPeople blog, where my 1,000 Spark Buddies will read it.

What makes this bold? Well, if anyone knows what it takes to commit to a big project, it's the members of SparkPeople. I know they will embrace my challenge and encourage me every step of the way. That also means that they will be watching and expecting me to see it through. There's no stopping now, no half-stepping. I'm all in.

Five hundred actions in one hundred days. Be bold, indeed!

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