Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Action 098 - Play Well With Others.

While in Palm Springs, I blogged about sometimes going alone to events. I said that it was important to be willing to enter a race without any friends, if the only other choice was to not go at all. And I still believe that. The journey has value, even when parts of it are done by myself. But a willingness to push on alone should not be confused with a purposeful choice to remain alone.

Whenever possible, I need to remember Action 098 - Play Well With Others. By myself, the events are training runs with better scenery. With other people, though, the events themselves become a celebration. They're a party with a side of running or biking on the side. And the best part of having others with me? Someone else to chime in later when I'm talking up the event and the experience.

This is the good stuff right here, the time spent with friends challenging ourselves with miles and obstacles and weather. It's the very best way to feel alive.


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