Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Action 069 - Trust My Journey.

I'm ten days into this project, my shins are hurting like crazy, and this day has been all-around crappy. At times like this, it's easy to wonder if I'm just fooling myself. Am I really going to be in any kind of shape to run the Pasadena Marathon? Are these stupid "actions" making any difference at all?!

And then, out of nowhere, comes Action 069 - Trust My Journey. A Marine Brother of mine posted a note to my Facebook wall, and it was exactly what I needed to see.
I thought of you when I read the saying on the bracelet. I know that your process is a bit extended and this saying might be good timing.

And this was the photo that came with it:

Absolutely, spot on perfect saying and at just the right time, too. I have to trust that this project is going to work, that it is going to be just what I need to prepare myself body and soul for the marathon.

Thanks, Brian. I will Trust My Journey.

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