Friday, February 24, 2012

Action 080 - Help And Be Helped.

Some of life's greatest lessons come to us in the most unexpected of moments. Running through the night at Ragnar Del Sol isn't a place I expected to be reminded of the good in humanity, but still, there it was.

Action 080 - Help And Be Helped. Ragnar is a relay race. Teams compete to be the first across the finish line with the fastest times. But it's way more than that. It's also an amazing experience of fellowship and camaraderie and team-building. And it's a opportunity for complete strangers to share moments of support and encouragement.

While running my second leg, I was passed by a few people and I passed a few others. Without exception, each person that passed me took the time on their way by to say, "good job!" or "you're doing great!" or some variation of. Being passed can be demotivating, but the encouragement of other runners keeps you fired up and encouraged.

It's a great reminder of the simple power I have, to help someone with a kind word. It means the world to me when I am struggling through a run, and I need to remember to help others when I have the opportunity.

(Photo from Ragnar Relays. Just another example of teams cheering each other on.)

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