Thursday, February 16, 2012

Action 039 - Pick My Battles.

This may come as a complete shock to some people. It certainly did to me. Apparently, not everyone needs to hear my opinion on every single thing posted on the internet.

Case in point. This morning, I ran across this blog entry on a left-leaning site.

The talking head was criticizing Maxine Waters and some of her more extreme statements regarding banking, and he said, "step away from the crack pipe."

Was it appropriate? Absolutely not. And the folks commenting on the site were full of the expected responses, calling the newscaster all kinds of variations of racist and bigot. Interestingly enough, not one of them called out Maxine Waters for the comment she made in the clip, saying that Republican leaders were "demons."

Action 039 - Pick My Battles. I started to post a response on the site, thinking that I could present a middle-ground opinion of the whole thing. She was wrong for calling them demons and the newscaster was wrong for making the reference to drug use. But then I thought, why? What would I possibly gain? I would likely get dragged into a back-and-forth defending my comment, with people that I neither know nor care about it.

I will choose to pick my battles. If it is an issue I feel strongly about, and I care about the opinion of the audience, and I think my input may contribute something above the usual din and rhetoric, I'll speak up. Otherwise, I'll just be wasting time and energy that can serve me better elsewhere.

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