Friday, February 17, 2012

Action 045 - Choose Glory Over Excuses.

Today's workout offered me a gift - twenty-four hours of glory in exchange for twenty minutes of effort. You can probably guess that I accepted.

Action 045 - Choose Glory Over Excuses. I decided to run for an hour. After the first mile, I settled into a rhythm and felt pretty good. By mile three, though, I was feeling sluggish. I I was mentally examining my body, trying to figure out if any part hurt enough to justify stopping.

Instead, I thought ahead to the end of my workout. I had just over twenty minutes left to go. And I knew that my choices were either run it out and feel like a rock star all day or stop early and feel like a failure all day. In the end, it really did come down to that simple a choice. Was it worth it to me to stay the course for twenty minutes, guaranteeing me a whole day of feeling proud of myself? Duh. The answer is yes, of course it was totally worth the twenty minutes.

I chose glory over excuses. And I've been in a better place mentally all day because of it. I can't say that I will always have that mental toughness, but today I did.

Now, pardon me while I take my awesomeness out for a victory lap!

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