Thursday, February 23, 2012

Action 073 - Handle The Nerves.

It's sinking in now. I'm running a Ragnar Relay. I've done it before, but the stakes are higher this time. I'm running the 4th longest distance, and that means I feel more pressure to deliver for the team. What if my shins are a problem? What if the hill on the last leg kicks my butt? What if a dust tornado blows me off the course?!

Okay, that last one might be a bit of a reach, but still... I'm stressed. Time for Action 073 - Handle The Nerves. I have been here before, nervous before an event. And I've never quit or not finished, yet. And this Ragnar won't be my failure.

Deep breaths. Confident thoughts. I've got this!

I'm Runner 2. Check out those miles, baby!


  1. That's a good spot to be in! I think you'll do just fine. You've gone way further than that before. Just don't wither down like a chip down there.

  2. I love being runner two. No stress as runner one to get going for a cold start, but I still get to run early and be done. It's the sweet spot!