Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Action 096 - Make New Memories.

In 45 years, I've made mistakes. Some small and inconsequential, some large and horrendous. And I've had bad things happen to me, some annoying and some devastating. For better or worse, those mistakes and dark days are forever associated with key times and places in my life. But I think I have accidentally stumbled onto a way to fix that.

The solution is Action 096 - Make New Memories. For example, instead of Dallas, Texas, being the city where I let my job consume me to the point that it nearly cost me my marriage in 2000, it is now the city where I ran back-to-back half marathons over New Years Weekend. Instead of Phoenix, Arizona, being the place where I watched my Mom and Stepfather end a terrible marriage, it is now the city where I ran a Ragnar Relay. Instead of my time as a Marine ending in a public and painful battle over me being gay, it has now been capped off with my running and finishing the Marine Corps Marathon.

I'm building new connections and creating new associations. I'm casting off the pain of the past and embracing a life of my own design. Most importantly, I'm making new memories that bring me peace, joy and comfort when I look back on them. And that is an action worth taking.

Soon to come? New memories for Miami, FL, Riverside, CA, and Oahu, HI.

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