Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Action 061 - Enjoy A Guilty Pleasure.

I love a well-written book. I love a powerful movie. And I have been moved to tears by a passionate voice singing brilliant lyrics. But come on, folks. It can't all be Their Eyes Were Watching God, Schindler's List and Ava Maria. Sometimes, we just want a little fluff.

This afternoon has been all about Action 061 - Enjoy A Guilty Pleasure. I've been listening to the silliest tracks, e-walking my way through YouTube. I've played 80's dance tracks, 90's novelty hits, and modern trash-talking dance jams. And yeah, it's a good thing.

Here, have some LMFAO.

Sexy and I Know It

And it's even sillier in Spanglish by Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin's Sexy and He Knows It

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