Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Action 097 - Figure Out Fuel For Distance.

I've run one full marathon, seven half marathons and two Ragnar Relays, and I still have no real clue what fuel works best for me over the long miles. I've tried many different things, but nothing consistently enough to know if it is really helping or not.

If I'm going to run a better marathon in Pasadena, I definitely need Action 097 - Figure Out Fuel For Distance. That means trying different fuels on the next several half marathons and paying attention to how they affect my body. Do they give me any energy or do they just quiet my hunger? Do I feel better after eating them or do I just feel queasy?

Gu gels. Clif Bloks. Sport Beans. Just three of the many choices out there to fuel a runner over long distances. What works best for me? I'll pay attention and figure it out.


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