Saturday, February 25, 2012

Action 085 - Meet The Challenge.

I've run a full marathon. I've run a Ragnar. I've run a Tough Mudder and a Super Spartan. I'm not afraid of trying something new or difficult. But that doesn't mean that I don't get a little nervous before I do it.

My third run at Ragnar Del Sol was a 7.4 mile leg, half flat terrain and nearly 3.5 miles of significant elevation gain. Yep, uphill. And I would be running it on little sleep after having already run a 5.5 and a 5.7 mile run earlier.

Action 085 - Meet The Challenge. I signed up and agreed to step in as Runner 2, and that meant doing Leg 26. I was determined to hit the ground running - literally - and keep going until I hit the exchange chute 7.4 miles later. And here's what I had to do:

It was a tough run. It was pitch dark when I started, though the blackness gave way to a pre-dawn show of colors in the sky as I ran. And my time was slower than my earlier pace, but I truly gave it everything I had. By the time I finished, one hour and twenty-something minutes later, I felt confident that I had truly met the challenge.

And yep, it felt pretty good.

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