Thursday, February 16, 2012

Action 038 - Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.

By the time this project is over, I'll have 500 different blog entries. Most all of these will include photos. Some of these I will have taken myself, but some (like the one included here) will be taken from various sources on the web. And someone, somewhere, deserves a shout-out for creating those photos in the first place.

Action 038 - Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. Going forward, when I use a photo found on the web, I will first check to see that the photo is available for Fair Use. I will also do my best to track down the creator and include that information with the image. It's only right. I am flattered whenever someone uses words I have written, but yes, I prefer that they cite me as the author when they do.

This may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but it matters to me that I respect the creations of others as I hope they will respect mine.

(Amusingly enough, I can find several instances of this image being used, but none of them actually credit the original designer. But I did try.)

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