Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Action 063 - Do The Math.

I run with headphones and a lot of great music, but that's not enough to keep my mind busy over the long miles. So, I find ways to entertain myself. My original plan was to run three miles, but I decided to step it up just a bit and do a Pi Run - 3.14 miles. (Get it? Pi? Oh, come on. Math geeks love that!) While I was running, though, I enjoyed one of my favorite distractions.

It was Action 059 - Do The Math. As soon as I start running on the treadmill, I start playing math games with myself. As the readout showed 0.1 mile, I said to myself, "sweet, I'm one-thirtieth done." That was followed quickly by one-fifteenth and one-tenth. By focusing on the numbers and rattling around different fractions in my head, I'm putting in the miles without thinking too much about the actual running. As I got up to .75, I realized I was already halfway to halfway. And on it goes, until I am running out of time and miles and ready to finish.

It's a quirky thing, perhaps, but it makes the time fly by when I run. And that is a winning calculation, no matter the math.

(Image courtesy of enchantedlearning.com.)


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