Sunday, February 19, 2012

Action 055 - When In Doubt, Step It Up.

I headed to the gym today prepared to run six miles in an hour. Before I got through the first mile, though, I was already feeling winded. I started up with the bartering crap again, thinking I might just run two miles and then switch to the bike. Plenty of time this week to get the miles in, right? Wrong. I was so annoyed by my own whining that I decided to nip it in the bud right then and there.

Action 055 - When In Doubt, Step It Up. I was going to run six miles an hour, but the whining made me see that I needed to kick it up a bit. After running the first twenty minutes at 6.0, I decided to run the next twenty minutes at 6.4. I figured, that would bring me to a 6.2 average, which meant I could run the last twenty minutes at 6.2 exactly and end the hour having run a full 10K instead of just six miles.

Pay attention, Self. From now on, when the pissing and the moaning starts, I'm going to step up the demands just to prove that I have the strength and willpower necessary to train and run my next marathon. I will not be intimidated by my own insecurities. Instead, I will turn them into opportunities to push even harder and go even faster.

Yeah, I got this.

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