Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Action 026 - Shut Down.

I'm still dealing with overload today. And I'm not being as productive as I really need to be... and as I know I can be.

Hello, Action 026 - Shut Down. Rather than rely on my own willpower to resist the pinging of new information and emails, I'm going to kick it old school. I'm shutting things down.

I have several things I need to write for work. They require nothing but a screen and a keyboard. So I'm going to put my computer into Sleep Mode so nothing distracts me there. Then I'll put my iPad in Airplane Mode, so nothing will ping through while I write.

Imagine that. Me, radio silent for an hour or more. Sheesh. I hope the internet can survive without me. *grin*

Productivity, here I come!

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