Monday, February 13, 2012

Action 020 - Keep Perspective.

The biggest challenge I will face today is balancing personal responsibilities with work requirements. I have work projects that I need to finish, but I am waiting on responses and materials from others and am in a bit of stand-by mode. That frustrates me. And personally, I have documents I need to prepare and deliver to a third-party helping me with a legal matter. That is fully on me to complete, but I'm annoyed at the need to do it and keep resisting. I just need to set aside time to focus on each of the two areas, exclusive of any other distractions. That's stressing me out.

Meanwhile, all around this nation, Wounded Warriors face other challenges. Recovering from their injuries, their challenges are to learn to breathe, walk and talk again. They are adjusting to life without limbs, teaching muscles to work in new ways, and facing the reality of a life forever changed as a direct result of their willingness to serve and sacrifice for this great nation.

What is needed here is Action 020 - Keep Perspective. Before I spend a single moment complaining about my day, I will remember that hardship and difficulty are certainly relative. My troubles would barely register on the radar of others. I truly live a charmed life. And I will remember that when I am bothered by something trivial and unimportant.


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