Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Action 070 - Watch As It All Works Out.

It's been a tough day. I spent hours back and forth with my attorney dealing with my professional matter, hurt my shins when I tried to run inclines, and I had to say no to a last minute invite to run Ragnar Del Sol. What I hoped would be a good day went completely sideways, right? Wrong.

Time for Action 070 - Watch As It All Works Out. My attorney and I sorted it all out and she has everything she needs from me, my shins are feeling better already and just need a day of rest, and my husband decided that I was was going to run Ragnar Del Sol and we would find the money to make it happen.

And the details? I'm riding out tomorrow morning with two of the runners, who just happen to live in Oceanside and will be driving right by my house on the way to Phoenix. I'll get a ride back with another runner who lives here in San Diego. And I already have all the gear required from running the Ragnar SoCal last year.

I am so on Cloud 9 right now. I was really dragging around today, but a friend reminded me to Trust My Journey. And I did, turning my grumpy mood into a better one. I told myself, "it's not the end of the world and things will be better tomorrow, so cheer up." And here I am a few hours later, packing and getting ready to head out and run my relay race.

Yep. I just sat in amazement and watched as it all worked out!
Who is the coolest Husband in the world? This guy right here!

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