Friday, February 17, 2012

Action 044 - Be Random.

I want to be the guy who plans out his next three months of workouts. I want to calendar my short and long runs and know exactly how many miles I'll run between now and May 20th. I want to, but clearly not enough to actually do it. That sort of regimented training just doesn't work for me.

Nope, my thing is Action 044 - Be Random. As I headed to the gym this morning, I knew I was going to run on the treadmill. But I had no idea how far. It wasn't until I was on the machine and keying in the time that I thought, "yeah, I'll do six miles in an hour." Likewise, I have no idea what I'll do tomorrow. I think I will run at least three miles, then bike, then do strength training. But I'm not really sure, yet.

My takeaway here is that at my level of running, it matters less that I get to the gym and do any specific workout and more that I just get to the gym at all. That means that I have the freedom to be random, to be spontaneous, and to be eclectic in my choices. Sure, I have to make sure I am getting in my miles - and my road miles, too - but there will be no noticeable difference if I run 15 or 18 miles this week. It just doesn't matter.

So I will keep on working out. I will keep running. I will keep biking. And when I am completely wiped out, I will keep walking. Whatever keeps me moving and sweating and burning calories... that's good enough for me.

(Here, this is random. Ric stopped by the grocery store and bought Diet Coke, bread, cucumbers and wheat thins. What the heck is he planning to make with this?!)

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