Monday, February 13, 2012

Action 018 - Give As Good As I Get.

For me, finding feedback is as simple as asking for it. I have an extremely supportive social circle that is responsive to the things I do. If I post a link, they click through and read whatever political, social or humorous thing I decided to share. If I write something in a blog or on my wall, they take the time to read it. No matter what I put out there, someone is there to support me as I do it.

Which brings me to Action 018 - Give As Good As I Get. Since I know how valuable feedback and support can be, I want to be sure to offer that back to my own friends. When they share something with me, I'm going to take the time to offer them feedback. I'm going to celebrate their victories, encourage them during their struggles, and argue pro or con when they offer their opinions.

In short, I'm going to remain engaged with the people I care about. I'm going to read their words and hear their songs and look closely at their drawings and sculptures and paintings. I'm going to appreciate what they are bringing to this world.

It's the least I can do for those who make me feel completely appreciated.

And I think I'll start with House of Hugs Productions. Yeah, it's true. I know a filmmaker. And her husband kicks out some great music, too. How cool is that?

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