Monday, March 12, 2012

Action 161 - See Myself Running Pasadena.

One downside of making plans so far in advance is that they can seem almost unreal. I know I've signed up to run the Pasadena Marathon, but I it hasn't really sunk in. Until yesterday, that is.

Towards the end of the half marathon, I took an inventory of how I felt. My legs were strong, my breathing was calm, and my attitude was great. And then it happened.

Action 161 - See Myself Running Pasadena. After taking the inventory, I told myself, "pfft, I could run this again if I had to." Then my mind quickly sorted that out as, "I could run a whole marathon." From there, the instant realization of, "oh, wait, I *AM* running a whole marathon in Pasadena... and I know I can do it!"

It feels real to me now. And I feel confident that I can run it and finish with a solid time. Let's go, May 20th. Hurry up!

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