Monday, March 19, 2012

Action 197 - Decide.

This fitness journey seems simple enough, right? Make a decision to eat healthy, be active, and repeat consistently. Easy, peasy.

Except it isn't. It isn't easy and it isn't a one-time decision. It's actually a series of never-ending decisions.

  • Am I going for my run today?

  • Am I eating fast food on the way home?

  • Am I sleeping in or heading to the gym?

Action 197 - Decide. That's what I had to do today after my workout. I was showered, dressed, grabbing my gym bag and getting ready to walk out to my car. Then it hit me.
I'm hungry.

There's food at home.
I want food now.

You need to get back to work.
There's the new Jack-In-The-Box Bacon Burger.

Damn you, stupid commercials.

And there it was, that moment again. The one where I have to decide what I really want. And today, what I really wanted was a healthy, delicious lunch. So I abandoned the idea of fast food and chose food worth eating.

Still, later today, I'll have to make a decision about dinner. And tomorrow, the whole process starts again. When it comes to fitness and health, there is no such thing as a done deal. There is only a constant need to decide.

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  1. I had nearly the EXACT same conversation going on in my head on the way home from work tonight! I have cut my portions down b/c I was eating FAR too much, so by the time I got off work, I was ready for dinner NOW. I put on the "blinders," drove past all the fast food joints and made it home safely. Whole wheat pasta w/turkey meatballs and red sauce cooking on the stove now and a small salad with nonfat raspberry walnut vinegrette already safely in my tummy to ward off those hunger pangs and help me eat less of the pasta. Who needs fast food?? :)

    Good for you for having a healthy lunch instead of that durned Jack temptation (I have to fight that one off frequently too...)

  2. Crazy, right? We think we're totally on track, and out of nowhere comes this voice saying, "oh, one night of fast food won't hurt." Sheesh, what is wrong with us?!