Saturday, March 31, 2012

Action 259 - Think About Before.

Tomorrow is a big running day for me. I'll be running the longest distance I have run in an event, with the exception of my marathon. It's a bit different because it's broken down into five separate races, but it's still a total of 15.5 miles in one morning. I need to get my head wrapped around what is ahead of me.

Action 259 - Think About Before. I will stage all of my gear tonight, so tomorrow morning I can just get dressed and head right out the door. My first race goes off at 7am, so I am going to plan to be at the race site by 6am. That way, I can settle in my car and relax a bit before heading over to the start corral.

By the time I cross the start line for the first time, I will already have my head completely in the game and be visualizing the finish line!

Carlsbad All Day 25K? Bring it on!

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