Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Action 169 - Remember Why I'm Doing This.

It's easy to get caught up in the mechanics of training, the routine of healthy eating, and the day-to-day decision making on this journey. And that's a good thing. But I can't lose sight of the most important thing.

Action 169 - Remember Why I'm Doing This. Yes, I want to keep losing weight. Yes, I want to be healthier. But those are side effects, benefits that come with my primary goal. The main reason I am doing all of this is because I want to make my life an adventure. And I want to do it right here and right now, not in a year or after I lose ten more pounds or I fit into a smaller t-shirt or pair of pants. Right here, right now.

On Sunday morning, I had the joy and fun of running a half marathon through the amazing streets of my own adopted hometown of San Diego. I ran through the Gaslamp District and down along the harbor and right in front of the beautiful Star of India.

I ran by the airport and through Liberty Station and past the place of my second emergence into this world, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. I ran into Hillcrest, by Balboa Park and right in front of the rooftop hotel bar where I met my husband fifteen years ago. And I finished with an amazing, must-be-experienced run through the tunnel into Petco Park with fans cheering from the stands as I finished, stood at home plate, and looked up and around with a mixture of shock and joy on my smiling face. It was truly an adventure.

This is what it is about. Instead of sitting home, sleeping in, and letting the days pass me by, I am making my moments count. I'm experiencing life and finding opportunities to challenge myself. Most importantly, I am sharing moments with friends that would otherwise not be happening.

I am living my life instead of letting it pass before my eyes. And that is worth every mile, every bit of sweat, and every sore muscle.

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