Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Action 165 - Earn The Accolades.

After I crossed the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon, I turned to Jerry and said, "I'm glad I did it, but never again." And yet here I am, four months later, training for a second marathon. Why?

Action 165 - Earn The Accolades. As silly as it may sound, I feel like I need to earn the praise that my friends shower on me. I have heard them, talking to me or about me to others, and they say, "John runs marathons!"

But I don't. At least, not exactly. I have now run eight half marathons but only run one full marathon. And in my mind, that means I can't say I have run marathons, plural. I need this second marathon to feel like I have truly earned the praise from my friends. I want to be able to say, completely and without caveat, that I run marathons.

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