Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Action 165 - Earn The Accolades.

After I crossed the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon, I turned to Jerry and said, "I'm glad I did it, but never again." And yet here I am, four months later, training for a second marathon. Why?

Action 165 - Earn The Accolades. As silly as it may sound, I feel like I need to earn the praise that my friends shower on me. I have heard them, talking to me or about me to others, and they say, "John runs marathons!"

But I don't. At least, not exactly. I have now run eight half marathons but only run one full marathon. And in my mind, that means I can't say I have run marathons, plural. I need this second marathon to feel like I have truly earned the praise from my friends. I want to be able to say, completely and without caveat, that I run marathons.


  1. I recently hung out with friends and was introduced to friends in that manner... That I run marathons.. And I haven't even ran one full! Before you know it, you will be able to say "i ran marathons." And maybe one day ultras.... You are doing great! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ha, so you know exactly what I'm talking about. It isn't that you are being dishonest, and all of your friends respect you just the same and probably wonder why you have to clarify. But for you as a runner, you know the difference between the full and the half and you don't want to take credit you haven't earned. Yes, you totally get it!

  3. I can totally relate. But, SOON you will be the guy that runs marathons!