Thursday, March 29, 2012

Action 248 - Get Busy With It.

I'll admit, I'm a guy who enjoys his downtime. But these days, and for the foreseeable future, I'm not really going to have a lot of time to relax. Between my full-time job, my part-time job, training for the marathon, and preparing four new courses for my instructor gig at Mira Costa College this June, my dance card is full.

Action 248 - Get Busy With It. And that's what it's going to take. I need to plan my schedule out and stick to it. Otherwise, one of the things I need to do will begin to suffer, and that is not okay.

Starting next week, my typical day will look like this:

  • 4:30am - wake up, get dressed, pack up my lunch

  • 4:50am - leave for gym

  • 5:00am - workout, shower

  • 6:30am - leave gym, drive to work

  • 7:00am - full time job

  • 3:30pm - leave work, drive home

  • 4:30pm - part time job with SparkPeople

  • 7:30pm - personal time, surf, Facebook, emails, etc

  • 9:00pm - bed time

It's going to be busy, busy, busy, but it's worth it. I'll be mindful of the signs of burnout, wind down when I need to, and keep my eye on the bigger prizes ahead. Oh, yeah. I can do this.

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