Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Action 240 - Buy Into It.

I started this project on a whim, not sure exactly where it would lead but hopeful that it would help me prepare for my upcoming marathon. Nearly fifty days ago, I couldn't imagine that it would develop and evolve as it has. It's become more than just a blog for me, and it's time to acknowledge that with more than words.

Action 240 - Buy Into It. And I have. I started out here at WordPress blogging on a free domain: countdowntopasadena.wordpress.com. And that was fine when I planned to close the blog out after my five hundred items. But now, I don't see myself doing that. Instead, I'm thinking I may choose a brand new project and five hundred new actions to help me see it to fruition.

So, I decided to put my money where my mind is. Sure, it wasn't much. But I registered a new domain for the blog. The old web address will still work, but from now on, you can find me and my current project at: ProjectOneFive.me.

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