Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Action 210 - Prepare For After.

It's still nearly two full months before I run the Pasadena Marathon. So why am I already looking past it? Because I remember how I felt after running the Marine Corps Marathon. I was elated to have finished, but in the days and weeks after, I struggled to get myself focused on training again. I want to do it better this time.

Action 210 - Prepare For After. There are several different possibilities for my marathon performance.

  1. I do great and I'm happy with my race.

  2. I do okay and I'm satisfied with my race.

  3. I do poorly and I'm unhappy with my race.

  4. For reasons unknown, I don't finish or don't even start.

Not sure how it will end, but obviously I'm hoping for the best. Regardless of the different outcomes, the aftermath is the same. I'm training like a madman for months, then there's nothing to do for a week or better but rest and recover. Knowing that, I need to start planning now to occupy my free time between May 21st and May 31st.

It's early enough that I don't have to commit yet to any one activity. But it's not too early to start kicking around ideas. Maybe I'll set aside a few great books. Maybe I'll pick a television series on Netflix and watch multiple seasons back-to-back. Or maybe I'll spend the whole time writing my marathon prologue and wrapping up this blog.

Preparing for after will make sure that I don't crash and burn post-marathon. That's an action worth taking.

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