Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Action 171 - Learn From The Experts.

If I've learned anything in forty-five years, it's that I should surround myself with smart people. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make me appear dumber. Quite the opposite. Spending time with the brightest and the wisest challenges me to be smarter, to think more clearly, and to really explore a topic before yammering on about it.

I think the same reasoning applies to physical training. There are people out there who know far more than I do, and I should seek their advice and counsel rather than stumbling through all of this on my own.

Action 171 - Identify Role Models.

  • Jeff Galloway is the founder of the Galloway Run-Walk-Run method and is an expert on running for all, not just elite athletes.

  • Jenny Hadfield is the author of Marathoning for Mortals and teaches that anyone can transform themselves into an athlete.

  • Matt Fitzgerald is an endurance sports writer, coach and nutritionist.

What these three (and many others) have in common is an expertise that is broad enough to help any runner, from the Couch Potato on his first 5K to the elite Ultra-Marathoner and Iron Man racer. And when I am struggling to understand tapering and fueling and intervals and any of a dozen other aspects of long distance running, I will do well to turn to them for advice rather than wing it on my own.

(Photo courtesy of Asics America)

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