Thursday, March 22, 2012

Action 214 - Follow Doctor's Orders (Mostly).

I'm stubborn, but not so stubborn that I don't know when I need to listen to professional advice. Still, right after I left the doctor, I made my way to the gym for a work out. I had been trying to get there all afternoon, since before the injury, and I was going to make it no matter what.

Action 214 - Follow Doctor's Orders (Mostly). The doctor said no lifting and no overhead motions and I agreed. But that didn't mean I couldn't run or bike, right? I ran another Pi run (3.14 miles) and then I cycled for thirty minutes. I got my full hour of cardio, I never used my shoulders, and I left the gym feeling much better.

And look. Even after a sweaty hour of working out, my new hair still looks fabulous.

As long as there is no such thing as Follicle Tendinitis, I'll be okay.

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