Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Action 172 - Find Personal Role Models.

I blogged already about the importance of experts, but there's more to counsel and advice than the words of professional coaches. There's good information that is a lot closer to home.

Action 172 - Find Personal Role Models.

I am fortunate enough to know some amazingly successful friends. They are book smart and street wise, and they have always been willing to help me on my journey. So now, as I prepare to run another marathon, I am going to reach out to a few of them and ask for help.

My friend, Eric, will help me with my overall "get my ass moving" motivation.

My friend, Raul, is a running fiend available for any of my "how do I improve my running?" questions.

And my friend, Kim, is a real-life Action Barbie who pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone and "TRI" new things.

I have support. I have my own circle of rock stars just waiting for me to ask for assistance. And I'm going to do it, because I am better with the help of others than I am on my own.

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