Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Action 209 - Make A New Running Buddy.

So I went to Balboa Park and met up with the Front Runners. As a group... honestly... meh. I'm sure they are all nice enough people, but they weren't all that welcoming to a new guy. No one was rude or anything, but if you're a group of ten people that all know each other, and a stranger walks up and asks, "are you guys the Front Runner group?", perhaps that's a clue that he hasn't run with your group before and doesn't know anyone.

Now, for other people, I can see that being a problem. But not for me. I just picked out the one guy I thought looked friendly and introduced myself. Lucky for me, I chose well.

Action 209 - Make A Running Buddy. And I did. His name is Jim and we ran together today. We planned a three-ish mile run at a 10-ish minute pace, and we came in at just under 4 miles in 42 minutes. It was a great run, felt good, and chatting with someone new made the time fly by.

So, thanks, Jim, for the company, and yes, I'll see you (and the group) again on Saturday morning.

Me and my crazy hair. This is why I don't like to run with a hat on. Look what it does to all my fabulous?

Crazy hair courtesy of the hat I wore while I ran.

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