Friday, March 16, 2012

Action 184 - Get My Money's Worth.

I'm all for eating fresh and healthy, but that doesn't mean I need to spend a lot of money every day at lunch. Sometimes, I just want quick and easy.

Action 184 - Get My Money's Worth. And with a little careful shopping, I can do it. Today after my run, I stopped by Sprouts to pick up something to eat. I had visions of myself snapping up fresh food and whipping up lunch, but I was quickly overwhelmed. There were too many choices and I got lost in all of it.

Solution? A $3.00 microwaveable meal. It was quick, easy, and tasted pretty good.

Yeah, I know. It's never going to replace an actual meal. But with limited time, immediate hunger, and a budget, this was a way to get my money's worth.

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