Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Action 207 - Notice Change.

It's so easy for me to be jaded and cynical about people and their hatefulness towards each other. There is no shortage of stories of racism, bigotry and cruelty. But then, out of nowhere, I am reminded of something very different... the good in people.

Action 207 - Notice Change. And today, I did. I received a "Spark Goodie," which is a fun little gift on the site that members can send to each other.

This one came from a name I didn't recognize, and this is the message that was included:
Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you do not take this wrong but I have befriended you. I am 66 years old and now have my first official gay friend (probably have had more but we were/are an in a closet generation--it has taken brave people to change that). How awesome to join the modern world. Joy to you and your husband and your wonderful life.

Now, how cool is that? Apparently, somewhere along the way, I read a blog by this member and posted a comment to encourage her. And this is what I get in return.

What a great message that is, that we are all able to change and grow, no matter our age. And what a wonderful reminder to me that there is more love and kindness in this world than there is hate and bigotry.

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