Monday, March 19, 2012

Action 200 - Speak From The Heart.

If you've known me for more than a minute, you know I can be a smartass. And you know that I've always got something great to say about myself because, I mean, look at me. I'm awesome. But my bravado and confidence (arrogance?) only tell half the story.

Action 200 - Speak From The Heart. And here it is. Yes, almost every time I'm at the gym, I post a status update like, "Making all this even more fabulous." But you know what is truly fabulous?

Recovering Warriors enjoying the ocean because someone created the opportunity for them.

I'll post a status that says something like, "Because all this wonderful doesn't just happen." But you know what is really wonderful?

A community coming together to make sure that a Wounded Warrior and his Bride are able to enjoy the wedding of their dreams.

And I may post something about me being amazing, just because I managed to get through a day's worth of stress and still workout and eat healthy. You know what amazing really looks like?

It looks like this Marine, taking fire in the Helmand Province and still standing his ground.

These are just blips on the radar screen of fabulous, wonderful, and amazing things that our United States Military Service Men and Women do every single day. And on the Homefront, our Law Enforcement and Fire and Rescue Personnel serve as honorably and faithfully.

So the next time you read something I wrote, remember that it's all relative. I am proud of the person I am becoming and the efforts I make on a daily basis. But I am also very aware that I am able to do these things in an environment free of harm and danger because brave men and women stand ready to fight for me.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

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