Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Action 205 - Rest. (It isn't quitting.)

I tried to run today but it didn't happen. I was halfway up the block when I realized that I felt as if I was running on rented legs. My form was awkward, my stride was clumsy, and my feet felt like they were in shoes that were way too small. The whole process felt terrible.

And all of it was because my shins were hurting. When I try to run in a way that takes some of the impact off my shins, my posture and natural running position fall by the wayside.

Action 205 - Rest. There was nothing else I could do. Running wasn't just uncomfortable, it was painful. And I could have pressed on, but there was nothing to gain but a more severe injury. I have sixty more days of training before the marathon, and I need to make sure I protect my health first and foremost.

So today I rested. It doesn't mean I quit. And tomorrow, I'll be back out there.

(Image courtesy of orthogate.org)

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