Thursday, March 15, 2012

Action 174 - Support My Fellow Marines.

The Marine Corps is a Brotherhood, brought together as a young group of strangers but bound together for a lifetime through Honor, Service and Commitment. It is in this spirit that I will attempt to make my marathon mean more than just a personal victory.

Action 174 - Support My Fellow Marines. As part of my training, I will also be raising money for the Semper Fi Fund. I am proud to have run the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of Team Semper Fi, and I want to continue that service in Pasadena.

The mission of Semper Fi Fund is simple:
Provides financial assistance to wounded Marines and their families while they recover.

Your donations, large and small, will make a difference to Marines and their families. You can donate by clicking here. I am going to try to raise $1,775 between now and May 20th, and I'll do it one dollar at a time if that's what it takes.

Semper Fi!

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