Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Action 242 - Be Better Prepared.

It's been nearly a dozen years since I have had to deal with work-day traffic. I have either worked close to my house and been able to use surface streets, had a short reverse commute, had my company in my home, or telecommuted. Traffic is nothing something I'm used to. But it's going to be a consideration now.

Today, I worked from 9am-5:30pm. Tomorrow (and for the next month or so, at least), I'll be working 7am-3:30pm. That will make a big difference for traffic, but I will still have some. And even with no traffic, I still have seventeen miles to drive each way. So I need to do something about that.

Action 242 - Be Better Prepared. I need to download audio books or classroom lectures from iTunes University. Either way, I'll have something worth listening to for the drive to and from work. Top 40 Radio or idiot talk show chatter boxes are definitely not going to do it for this guy.

So, bring on the smart stuff. I want to make the most of my travel time.

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