Monday, March 26, 2012

Action 234 - Drive It Like I Stole It.

In October, I was planning to run the Capitol to Coast Relay from Austin to Corpus Christi, Texas. But, it turns out we are a runner extra for the relay, so I've decided to give my assigned position to someone else. But that doesn't mean I'll be sitting it out. I won't be running, but I'll still be a part of the team.

Action 234 - Drive It Like I Stole It. I am still the Team Captain and will also be driving the first van. With a designated driver, the runners are free to focus exclusively on their assigned distances and running preparations. Having been lucky enough to have a driver on my first Ragnar Relay, I know what a difference that can make.

Yes, I would like to run. And if there is any situation that arises and a runner can't complete a leg, I'll be ready to suit up. But even without running a step, I'll take part in the Relay and I'll have an amazing time.

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