Saturday, March 31, 2012

Action 260 - Plan For After.

Tomorrow is a big race day for me. And I'll be ready for it to start, definitely. Over the course of five hours, I'll run five different events for a total of 15.5 miles.

  1. 7:00 AM Masters Men 40 and over

  2. 8:00 AM Masters Women 40 and over

  3. 8:42 AM Men 30-39

  4. 9:23 AM Women 30-39

  5. 11:30 AM Men & Women 29 and under

After all the lead-up time to this event, I'll be rocking and ready to go for the first 5K. And the new experience of turning around and running again will get me through the second 5K. But after that? Yeah, I'll definitely need something to keep me motivated through the next three 5Ks.

Action 260 - Plan For After. And yep, I have a plan. Located just off the start line in Carlsbad is an amazing Irish Pub and Restaurant called O'Sullivan's. (It was my first stop after running the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January, too.)

I'm planning to be at their door at high noon, ready for an amazing Irish Breakfast and washing it down with my celebratory Magner's Cider. Here's a picture of the breakfast from when I had it before. So, so delicious!

Plan for after? Oh, you bet! Bring on the 25K and bring on the post-race celebration noms!

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