Thursday, March 8, 2012

Action 145 – Forgive Past Mistakes.

I could have been working out for years. I could have eaten healthier. I could have made better choices and not put on all this weight. I could have made changes years ago and I would be so much farther along my journey now.

I could have done those things, but I didn’t. And no amount of beating myself up over my choices can change them. So what can I do now? There’s only one thing that will make any real difference.

Action 145 – Forgive Past Mistakes. Why attack myself today for mistakes made in the past? I need to stop looking backwards with so much animosity and anger. Tearing myself down does nothing to make me better. I need to leave all that in the past, and I can only do that by forgiving myself. I was a different person in a completely different place. I wasn't as mature as I am today. I wasn’t as aware as I am today. And I certainly didn't have the perspective that all these years have given me.

Enough with the “could of” game. From now on, it’s all about what I will do and what I am doing.

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