Thursday, March 8, 2012

Action 141 - Believe Them.

My friends say nice things to me all the time, but a part of me thinks that they only say those things because they are my friends, not because they truly mean them. How idiotic and paranoid is that?

True friends know me better than I know myself, see things in me that even I don't see, and are not afraid to call me out when I do something wrong or hurtful. They are candid and honest with me because they know the truth is more important than a bruised ego or hurt feelings. So, if they are so honest with the hard words to say, why would I doubt when they share something positive with me?

Action 141 - Believe Them. Friends tell me that they appreciate what I write and that I inspire them to pursue their own goals. I need to believe them. Friends tell me that my own decision to live a healthier, more active life has motivated them to do the same. I need to believe them. And friends tell me that I am important to them and that they value our friendship. I need to believe them.

There is nothing gained from doubting those closest to me. I need to respect them and their friendship and just be happy that they respect and appreciate me, too. And I will.

Case in point, this text message I received this morning. What kind of knucklehead would I be if I didn't appreciate such a thoughtful gesture?

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