Friday, March 2, 2012

Action 112 - Use Tech Wisely.

Earlier I blogged about the importance of prioritizing the people right in front of me over those on my electronic tether. The virtual world matters, but not as much as the flesh and blood friends living their lives with me in the moment. But that isn't to say that all things electronic are bad. In fact, I think there is definitely a time and place for them.

Action 112 - Use Tech Wisely. While I was at the dentist on Monday, I was able to track down a file and update the data via my iPad, get the updated spreadsheet to my boss, and request additional information from some of our site members. I was also able to coordinate two meetings for later in the week, prepare legal documents, and blog. All because I had my trusty electronics available. Because I was electronically connected, I was able to be out of my home office for two hours yet not lose two hours of productivity.

I post this as an action because it reminds me that there is a balance to be found here. I don't need to be surgically attached to my electronic devices, but neither do I need to discard them completely. I need to remember to pay attention to what matters most in the moment. And usually, that will be the people standing before me.

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