Friday, February 10, 2012

Action 006 - See Beauty.

I'm really struggling these days to make sense of my spiritual beliefs. I believe in something greater than myself, but I don't know if it's the miracle of God or the power of the natural world. I like the idea of a higher power, but I can't get my head around the notion that I'm somehow blessed ("Praise God!") because I made it out of a burning car. Um, if God's hand was upon me to keep me safe, why didn't he just stop the drunk driver from hitting me at all?

It's a dilemma. A family is killed in a house fire, but we praise God for sparing one child. Why not curse God, instead, for taking everyone else?

I share the because it goes to the heart of my next Action. I have even churning on the big questions of the existence of an omniscient deity or the reality of a life lived and ended as a biological life form. But that angst (over a question I will never answer in this lifetime) has blinded me to the magic of life, itself.

Who cares if God or simple matter made the Earth, the Sun and the skies above? Who cares if the oceans are a heavenly gift or the result of elements and minerals and gases? The origin doesn't dictate the wonder of it all.

My Action 006 - See The Beauty Around Me. And I will. This morning, for example, after dropping a friend at the airport, I indulged my newfound appreciation and stopped at Harbor Island. I spent a few minutes taking in the scenery of the bay and thinking, "yeah, this is magic."



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