Thursday, February 9, 2012

Action 001 - Run. Lift. Begin.

I've been hit-and-miss lately with my visits to the gym, and that's being generous. I need to get back to where it's a priority, a daily requirement. Until it feels like a routine, I just need to make myself go. No excuses.

I started with a three mile run on the treadmill. I set the incline on random, level 1, to get myself started. The run felt pretty good, and I could definitely feel the difference that even a small incline makes.

After my run, I did a full-body strength training routine. I decided to start fairly light and quick, since I have not been lifting regularly and I have two events this weekend. On each machine, I did two sets of ten reps.

I don't feel any different physically, but I definitely feel better for having gone. I'm back on track and this is the first of many actions that will have me ready to run Pasadena.

I can do this. And I will.


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