Saturday, March 10, 2012

Action 151 - Make Them Count.

Earlier, I blogged about the importance of a good diet and realizing that you can't out-train bad eating habits. But does that mean I have to eat perfectly? No, not at all. This is still a life I am living, not a dress rehearsal for some other performance. There has to be a balance.

Action 151 - Make Them Count. Calories, that is. If I'm going to indulge and take in extra calories, they need to be worth it. That means that I'm not going to sit around my house and inhale an entire bag of potato chips. What's the point of that? I will, though, go out with a friend, enjoy hours of great conversation, and allow myself a couple of cocktails or beers.

The point is, I want the most I can get for my calories. A thousand calories of salty chips is a poor choice compared to five hundred calories of a delicious Irish Cider accompanied by live music and a good friend.

Every calorie I take in either has to be allowed to stay on my body or worked off through extra exercise, so my action item is to make each of those calories count!

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