Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Action 138 - Restate The Obvious.

After this morning with the attorney, I didn't want to workout. But I had already made the plan to do it knowing it was a good way to work off the stress.

Then when I got to the gym, my shins were sore and running was a bad idea. Again, I thought about bailing on the workout, but I reminded myself that any cardio would be a good way to burn off stress.

Action 138 - Restate The Obvious. It really is true that I only regret the workouts I don't do. I remind myself now of that obvious fact.

Here it is again: I have never regretted a workout. And that tidbit of information needs to stay foremost in my mind, because there will be days ahead where I think, "maybe I'll just sit this one out."

But no, I won't do that. Because working out means I get to wear this happy smile all day long afterwards.


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