Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Action 135 - Change My Plans.

My original plan for tomorrow was to get up early, be at the gym by 5am, run 6 miles, shower, and meet with my attorney by 7:30. I thought that working out beforehand would help me relax. But no, that isn't going to help. I'm not going to relax no matter what I do.

Action 135 - Change My Plans. I'll sleep in until 6am, get up when Ric does, have a good breakfast, then meet my attorney. After I'm done with all that nonsense, I'll swing by the gym and go for a run. At that point, the run will calm me down and help me shake off the day.

How does this help me prepare for me the Pasadena Marathon? The old me would have finished with the attorney and stopped somewhere on the way home for a fattening lunch of comfort food. The new me will use my frustration and anger to fuel an even faster and longer run.

Here's to making the best of the crappy day ahead of me.


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