Monday, March 5, 2012

Action 124 - Go, Anyway.

Busy Monday morning and everything is conspiring to keep me from the gym. Misplaced license and debit card, endless emails and multiple text messages, no gas in the car. Nothing is a big deal on its own, but added up, they pull me in many directions... none of which lead to the gym.

Action 124 - Go, Anyway. Going to the gym means that I will start my work day a bit later. Go, anyway. Going to the gym means my projects at home will be delayed. Go, anyway. Going to the gym means two hours away from people who each need something from me. Go, anyway.

It isn't being selfish to take care of myself. It isn't being rude to make my trip to the gym a priority. And it isn't being mean to see my workout as too important to miss today.

There will always be something demanding my attention and trying to keep me from my workout. I'm going, anyway.

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