Saturday, March 3, 2012

Action 116 - Be Overwhelmed.

I write. I blog. I post. And people respond. And I appreciate it. I like know to that something that meant enough to me to write also meant enough to someone else to take the time to give me feedback. Sometimes, though, what I write resonates with many different people, and their responses are unbelievably passionate and heartfelt.

Action 116 - Be Overwhelmed. Today, I am. Completely. I posted a blog called "Give It Time" yesterday, and I talked about my dark hours, how they had passed, and my faith that no single dark time is more powerful than I am. And people responded.

On, my health and fitness site, the responses are literally pouring in. As of this writing, there are more than 100, and they just keep coming. And the responses are so powerful, so personal, they bring me to tears. One person wrote, "I wish my son would have lived to read this."

I cannot say this enough, to myself and to everyone else who needs to hear it. You matter. You are important. And you are loved by family and friends and complete strangers that are destined to meet you later in your life. For yourself, for them, hang on. Fight back. Dig deep and find the strength to go on. Because your life is so much greater than any single bad thing or tough moment you will go through.

I know. I was there. And I am proof that life is worth living. And when you look back on your own life, you will see that you are proof, too.

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